Abbie From Mars + Fig + Purgatory Hotties

The Government Center


Abbie From Mars                Eventbrite

Abbie is from Mars. Now based in New York City, she makes and performs experimental pop music with a penchant for improvisation, noise, and performance art. Her live act is unique for incorporating tap dance with electronic processing between raw, impassioned, highly physical performances of her songs. She performs both solo and with a band. A champion of the underground, Abbie is the host of RadioActivity, a weekly radio show at freeform station WFMU.

Purgatory Hotties

Broadcasting from the earth’s shadow cast on a rock out there, the Purgatory Hotties are an electronic music duo channeling a love of synthesizers, textured ambient landscapes, and dancing in your bedroom.

emotionally unhinged chamber pop with a sprinkling of Catholic idol adoration & exploration of queerness & trauma

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