Baglady + Common Loon + The Zells + DJ Meindless Indulgence

The Government Center


In 2018, Baglady released their initial EP, Luxury Condos, through zine and digital format, but the dream of the band was always to have an LP on wax--something tangible that doesn't just live in the digital realm. Over the next three years, Baglady kept on writing and developed the material that would become Kevin Sputnik and hit the studio with beloved Brooklyn engineer, Adam Reich. With tracking completed in 2021, Kevin Sputnik revisits the spirit of Baglady with both its aggressive and delicate moments with as much fidelity as they could summon. Baglady's debut LP is dedicated to their lost friend, Kevin K., whose memory Baglady hopes to honor with Kevin Sputnik's tidal sonic wave.

Plus locals The Zells & Common Loon feat memebers of Rave Ami, The Zells, and String Machine

Also Evan aka DJ Meindless Indulgence Birthday!

8pm $10

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