Brody Price / Valleyview / Dizzier

The Government Center


Brody Price

A unique blend of sludged-out guitar tones and approachable folk song structures that’s just odd enough to catch your ear without losing its melody, composition, or charm.





Valleyview is a project originally started by lead singer Jesse Farine. Later building the full band around his ideas. Their sound is characterized with stacked riffs, punchy drums and precise songwriting.

They are largely influenced by both the early 2000s rock revival and the modern post punk movement, striving to be both catchy and musically interesting.


Dizzier is a passion project curated by Jake Urbano. His haunting lo-fi recordings consist of soft and gentle acoustic guitars accompanied by swelling synths, steady drums and barely there vocals swimming in reverb.

With a live band behind him, these songs have morphed into an amalgamation of angelic and croaky vocals along with hard hitting drums, heavily distorted guitars and whirly synth leads.

8pm $10

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