Cathedral Ceilings + Water Trash + Mento Fellini

The Government Center


Cathedral Ceilings

Summer of Misguided Dynamite, their debut full-length album. Recorded by Tom Beaujour (Nada Surf, Aeon Station), the record is 12 beastly pop songs – like Cheap Trick on speed, or Marked Men on steroids.

The record will be officially out on May 27, but the band will be playing all over the Northeast throughout April and May.

Water Trash

Water Trash is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based 5 piece rock and roll club that consists of vocalist/guitarist Carter Vannoy, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Hartman, bassist Victor Tonti, keyboardist Ryan (Ocean) Killen, and drummer Cheyenne Raithel. Who just released their new album "Trash Is Always Greener".

Mento Fellini

Everyone's favorite Dane (Tyler Heaven - Dumplings - Lampshades) Performing his solo act Mento Fellini.

Described as Todd Rundgren eating razor blades.

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