Continuals + Sensor Ghost + Trace Remains

The Government Center


Continuals -

The three of us started collaborating in February, 2019—way back when we were allowed to stand in the same room together. We amassed a bunch of songs and scraps of song ideas, and when 2020 rolled around, we began practicing even more in preparation for playing what we hoped would be our first live shows.Like everyone else, the rug got pulled out from beneath us when the quarantine hit.These songs were written and recorded soon after being separated. Focusing on creating entirely new material, we recorded ourselves individually and sent each other tracks (always beginning with drums) and built them from there. It's been wonderful to continue playing music together with a "by any means necessary" approach, but we're looking forward to physical proximity some day soon. Just like you are.And it's strange that our first songs to share aren't the ones that we've been working on over the last year, but we're proud of these and eager to share nonetheless. So here ya' go.

Sensor Ghost -

Sensor Ghost is Mike Andre (bass/vocals), Amanda Huron (guitar) and Sam Lavine (drums). Golden Orb and The Twist recorded by Deb Edattel and Ian MacKaye at Double Sharp Audio, Alexandria, VA, December 2021. Band photo by Mike Maguire, band drawing by Kayti Didriksen, painting by Ruby Huron.

Featuring members of: Vertebrates - Antelope - Puff Pieces

Trace Remains -

Love Ethic -

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