Else Collective + Ben Opie/Patrick Breiner/Mark Micchelli/Adam Kantz

The Government Center



Else Collective is a Pittsburgh-based polyrhythmic power trio led by myself, drummer/percussionist PJ Roduta, and including collaborators/co-composers David Bernabo (guitar) and Matt Aelmore (bass). This album can be best understood as the first set of lab results from an experiment in developing simple rhythmic guidelines, games, relationships, or cells which, after months of experimentation, we follow as they begin to take on their own direction. This open musical structure, and the simplex nature of the music, is in response to my training with Professor Milford Graves at Bennington College, with Professor Willie Anku during a 4-mo study at the U. of Ghana, and especially with Swiss zen funk composer Nik Bärtsch during a 5-wk grant-funded mentorship in Switzerland. The album touches on Jazz, minimalism, rock, funk, and avant-garde, and hopes to blend each of the collective members' artistic palates/palettes.Prior to the collective's inception I worked with guitarist David Bernabo and bassist Matt Aelmore for a live improvisation by How Things Are Made and also a live improvised session for Bernabo's Watererer album. They bring to the collective unmistakable versatility and flow, providing the perfect balance and environment in which my meticulous rhythmic structures can live. As project leaders themselves, David and Matt's aesthetic perspectives are woven throughout the album. The collective relies on live interplay, and thus was recorded live March 6-7 2021 at The Space Upstairs - the improvisational laboratory where I've been a resident artist since 2007.The album is comprised of 6 main pieces and 3 bonus tracks. It opens with the swell of a 22-inch Wuhan gong, purchased and recorded during the worldwide covid-19 pandemic, and ends with an off-kilter American blues form in which the foundation is often detached. What's in between is something Else.

+ Ben Opie/Patrick Breiner/Mark Micchelli/Adam Kantz

8pm $10

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