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Genital Shame

Genital Shame, experimental black metal from Pittsburgh, PA is the one-person project of Erin Dawson.

Veering from heavily distorted tremolo picked guitar and distant propulsive drums to gentle, bedroom pop ambience, Genital Shame is a queering of the sonic traditions and musical form of black metal. It is, in Dawson’s words, “an interrogation of how far you can get towards breaking those rules without it being something else.”


Stander is a trio restless in their pursuit to unearth new avenues for crafting heavy music. Their compositions unfurl beyond the more rigid confines of genre and subvert tropes with surprising shifts in phrasing, meter, and tone. Dramatic peaks give way to cavernous space before reigniting into serrated tendrils of feedback and chaotic surge. Guitarist Mike Boyd, bassist Derek Shlepr, and drummer Stephen Waller invoke and infuse their curiosity and an abundance of stylistic touchstones into idiosyncratic pieces tempered by keen, deliberate musicianship.


Úzkost is a genre-blending nightmare from Pittsburgh, Pa that formed in 2010 under the name Slaves BC. With a slew of releases under their belt, the band spent the decade spiraling further into darkness with every new offering.

In 2020, the band has evolved their sound from what was once chaotic hardcore into a horrific and disorienting conglomeration of black metal, death metal, doom metal, and harsh noise. After over a decade of shows, line-up changes, and musical exploration, Úzkost is poised to release their darkest material yet.

Úzkost will be releasing a single every two months over the next year while they complete their third full length.

8pm $10

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