Guy Ferrari + Pat Coyle + Anti-Corn League + Dari Bay

The Government Center


Burlington VT’s Guy Ferrari are purveyors of slimy, cerebral post-gunk, soaked in deadliest poisons and deep fried in diesel fuel. The bass is like a broken transmission, the guitars like a bucket of loose bolts, the drums ready to rattle the lugs right off the hub. Pair that with scorching vocal delivery and you’ve got the whole bitch.

Dari Bay is a perpetually shifting art project posing as songs, an ongoing thought experiment disguised as a band. Driven by angular post-punk instrumentation, country and pop informed songwriting, and an affinity for the natural world, Dari Bay aims to find solace amid contradiction, achieving something which feels altogether organic and artificial.

Pat Coyle is a singer/songwriter/drummer who infuses intimate pop songs with sounds from day to day life. His background in filmmaking and general love for movies provides the bed frame for his lyrical inspiration, usually manifesting in cinematic vignettes that imbue a sense of longing and wistfulness. His latest release, "Relic of a Rift," is a continuation of his melancholy and emotionally cathartic songwriting with hues of futuristic dreams sprinkled throughout.

Anti Corn-League:

8pm    $10

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