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Princess nostalgia

Princess Nostalgia has always been a one woman show on and of the stage.

She has curated every aspect of her artistry in production, composition, and performance. Yet, recently, Princess Nostalgia had an epiphany that her staunchly defiant autonomy maybe was inhibiting her growth. So, she manifested a co-producer in multi-platinum producer, engineer, and recording artist David Hillis (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Afghan Whigs, James Blunt) Her new single, “LOST AND FOUND” is now out on her website and her other social media platforms and streaming services.


On a warm day gazing at the Sun, you’ll find the earthly Samurae most likely talking to the trees. She finds her inspiration amidst the artistic scenery of her colorful hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born from a family of singers & musicians, Samurae started singing at the age of 4, later on finding a talent for playing drum set in church at age 11, took up acting at age 16 performing dramatic roles in plays, then finally became serious with creating music at the age of 20. Throughout each phase, the love of writing followed her everywhere. Fueled by the passions of writing music, poetry and embracing the present, her high vibe lifestyle seemingly made her destined for the life she lives today.

Raised with the melodically poetic influence of Jill Scott, Corinne Bailey Ray & Musiq Soulchild, Samurae collides her mystic introspection of narratives with distinctively powerful-raspy yet calming vocals. “My voice is my frequency paint brush, I can create whatever I feel & it will always be received uniquely for each person that listens..that’s where the magic is.” She states.

Allowing others to know that their own inner power is precious & understanding the importance of taking care of yourself before taking care of anything else, are the staples of Samurae’s creations for not only her fans but anyone who needs a message. One word to describe her essence, effortless.


Swampwalk is a soul-searching singer-songwriter born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Hardware enthusiast Swampwalk uses a Gameboy, a drum machine, and whatever else they feel like to create lo-fi beats topped with lyrics about life’s toils and beauties.

Bri Dominique

Bri Dominique is a multi instrumental songstress originally from Westchester New York. She currently lives in the Pittsburgh area, where she studies music therapy and composes as well, mainly in orchestral form. Through experimental song writing and raw exploration of ideas, Bri Dominique continues to evolve into different interests constantly. While exploring electronic, baroque pop, alternative and soul genres, Bri stays true to her roots in classical performance, mainly on viola.




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