Reagan Cats / Valley View / James Castle

The Government Center


Reagan Cats is an Indie-Rock band formed in 2014 composed of singer-guitarist Matt Kruse, guitarist John Murphy, bassist Grant McAvan, Keyboardist Erik Reffitt, and drummer Zeeshan Shad.

Kruse and McAvan became friends in grade school and spent their high school years writing material that would soon become the foundation of the band. After a series of EPs in the mid-2010s that garnered support in the Baltimore area, the band released their first full-length record, “See It All”, in July of 2021.

Joined more recently by Shad, Reffitt, and Murphy, the band has added a new sense of texture and power to their arsenal that sees lush guitar tones interwoven with swirling synths and a driving low-end.

2023 will see the band set out on the road once again as well as commence the recording process of their second record.

Featuring locals Valley View & James Castle

8pm $10

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