Sky Creature / Trovants (album release) / Take Me With You

The Government Center


Sky Creature, Trovants (album release), Take Me With You

Wed Nov 2   7:30 pm   all ages   $10 at the door

Sky Creature is a post-punk celestial duo from Rockaway Beach in New York City featuring guitarist Matt Walsh

of the band The Forms, and vocalist/keyboardist Majel Connery. The band has one 12" vinyl EP out called

"Bear Mountain", and answers the question, "What if Enya joined Minor Threat?". Connery has an extensive

background in classical vocal training and performance.

Trovants is an ambient / ethereal / postrock quartet featuring guitarists Erik Cirelli and Phil Jacoby, trumpet

player and multi-instrumentalist Matt Aelmore, and electronics processor Brian Riordan. They have several

releases out, and are making a new CD available for purchase on this night.

Take Me With You are Pittsburgh's premiere synthpop / dreampop crossover group, now streamlined into

a lovely trio. Shimmering synths, distinctive female vocals, lyrical bass hooks and electronic percussion

intertwine like flowering vines. For fans of New Order, Cocteau Twins, and Kate Bush.

Sky Creature video here:

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