The Curls / Sun Dawgs / Matthew Danger Lippman

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The Curls are a high octane American weirdo rock band marinated in the absurdist & dystopian groove influence of predecessors like Devo, The B-52s, Ween, Primus, R Stevie Moore, Modest Mouse, Talking Heads and Can. In their live performances, the four-piece dives deep into the psych zone with heavy doses of experimental improvisation and a sense of humor.

Since 2014, The Curls have performed at Pitchfork Music Festival, SXSW and various film & arts festivals around the country, all the while maintaining a strict and spiritual DIY ethos. They’ve been featured in Pitchfork, Stereogum, The Chicago Reader, Aquarium Drunkard, and even the NY Times Style Section for reasons unknown. They’ve opened for or toured with indie rock heavyweights like Tame Impala, Maps & Atlases, Bill MacKay, Post Animal, Diane Coffee, Dehd, Deeper, Wombo, and The Goon Sax.

Aquarium Drunkard on The Curls' live tunes --
“I don’t know exactly how to describe the art-pop nightmare conjured in this…weird Grateful Dead squiggles meet post-punk fatalism? Dril fronting Devo? I don’t know exactly what it is, but I know I like it” - Jason P. Woodbury

instagram: @thecurls_coolband

twitter: @thecurlsmusic

facebook: thecurlschicago

8pm $10

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