Thomas Dimuzio / Gregg Bielski / Echo Lightwave Unspeakable

The Government Center


Thomas Dimuzio: San Francisco, CA

Thomas Dimuzio is a composer, musician, mastering engineer & label proprietor based in San Francisco. Regarded as a musical pioneer for his innovative uses of live sampling and studio techniques, Dimuzio has earned a deserved reputation world wide as an avant-garde sound artist in touch with an aesthetic pulse of time and technology.

Gregg Bielski: Pittsburgh, PA

Gregg Bielski is a multi - media audio visual artist from Pittsburgh, PA. He's worked with artists Ivan Nahem of (SWANS-Ritual Tension) Thomas Dimuzio, GG Allin, as well as many other artists / musicians over the last 35+ years.
Bielski will be performing Public Image Ltd.'s Radio Four in memory of PIL's Keith Levene (1957-2022) in addition to a performance of drone / ambient music.

Echo Lightwave Unspeakable: The 13th Dimension

Circuit Bent Madness from The Cream of the Crop!!!!!! Hailing from parts unknown from the 13th Dimension, Echo Lightwave Unspeakable's performances will take you to worlds' never visited in a sonic galaxy far far away.

8pm $10

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