Tough Pill #14

The Government Center


Tough Pill - #14 featuring CMB Cold Spot, Adam Kantz, & the MkIII Musical Shopping Cart.

Tough Pill is a creative music and performance series held at various venues in Pittsburgh. Tough Pill seeks to create space for practitioners while also expanding the scope of the experimental art audience. It's not always this, but it's always good... so always come!

Adam Kantz - Drumkit & Electronics


CMB Cold Spot

Unlikely scenarios. Telepathic performance. The most MUSICAL electronic improv band in town.


Nick Fagnilli & Scott McGough present the "MkIII Musical Shopping Cart"



A Thursday well-spent.

Doors at 7 pm
Music at 8 pm
Suggested donation $5-10
The Government Center
715 East Pittsburgh Street
The North Side of Pittsburgh

(Fascinating vinyl and the heppest new bar on the north side. Easy parking!)

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