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Will Orchard:

Will Orchard is a songwriter from the East Bay of Rhode Island, USA. He began writing songs as a teenager under the moniker LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike, in which he dove deep into the creative process by releasing over 100 home-recorded collections of songs. While studying at Boston's Berklee College of Music, he found his way in and out of school touring consistently both as a solo artist and a touring bassist for indie rock band the Brazen Youth. He gradually crafted his first release as Will Orchard, titled Old Friends on the Mountain. This led to his first label signing with NYC-based Better Company Records, upon which his newest release, Go Home Instead came out. A reflective, heartfelt collection of lo-fi folk, the EP has been praised as "Hush Folk Luminosity" by Glide Magazine.



Vireo was born in 2015 out of band-lead Chris Beaulieu’s childhood home, the creative projection of eight years spent with a band that was due for, but never got, their big break. Frustrated and yearning to create art that was not only his own, but that enabled him to play with sounds, instrumentation, and lyricism that felt authentic to his musicality, Chris left his prior band arrangement in search of something like auteurship. But Vireo is not a solo project; it is the sort of creative force that works from within, utilizing the talents of friends and pulling from soundscapes of the natural world with the mission of making something entirely new. Vireo has been on the Pittsburgh DIY scene for over 5 years, and the most recent installation of their live crew includes Chris Beaulieau, Anthony Capozzi, Matt Hochberg and Suzanne Gomes, with a host of other local artists lending their talents for studio recordings. Quilting together homegrown recordings and a community of artists, Vireo is rooted in and represents the community that makes it a whole. A mosaic of ruminations on the outside and inner world, Chris uses the sound/lyricism of Vireo to explore and translate one’s bodily experience into a tangible, listenable, and freely-expressing project.





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