Xena Glas / Echo Lightwave Unspeakable / Sneeze Awfull

The Government Center



Xena Glas is a creator attempting to explore new areas of the artistic world and unravel her human experience through her work. Interested in art of all forms including music, visual art, and poetry, Xena loves experimenting, pushing boundaries, and creating interdisciplinary and thought-provoking art. Her music flows through different styles including experimental electronica, folk, and contemporary classical. Often, she uses her art to communicate on her own life experiences and perception of the world.



+  Echo Lightwave Unspeakable - Weird sounds inside but not from Pittsburgh PA. Each Album is a different experiment in sound. Circuit bent and built weirdo sound devices. https://echolightwaveunspeakable.bandcamp.com/

&  Sneeze Awfull - Fresh off a new album release on We Be Friends (Brooklyn) https://webefriends.bandcamp.com/album/exercise-1

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