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FOAMER is a psychedelic rock band formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania under the leadership of musician/songwriter Noah Mailliard. Originally conceived as a solo recording project in 2019, Mailliard set out to create a sound that would reflect the energetic sonic exploration of 1970s progressive rock, while also harnessing the dynamic, effect-driven intensity that can be heard in more modern neo-psychedelic music.

By late 2022, Mailliard had recruited several friends from the local music scene to form a full band. FOAMER released their first single, “Combust”, on March 10, 2023. Two weeks later, they would play their first live show. Their second single, “Brain Attack”, was released on July 28, 2023, and saw the group further expanding on their psychedelic sound. FOAMER has since performed live consistently across the greater Pittsburgh area and is showing no signs of slowing down as they prepare to release their debut EP in early 2024.

Sunny Daze & The Weathermen

After forming in the summer of 2022 in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Sunny Daze & the Weathermen have been hard at work forming their unique "flower punk" style that takes much of its inspiration from 60s and 70s rock n' roll, psych rock, neo-psychedelic, garage, folk, blues, rockabilly, and surf. Eclectic, energetic, and hard to pin down, Sunny Daze is a unique force rising out of the Pittsburgh scene.

Sunny Daze & the Weathermen are.. Max Begler (lead vocals/guitar), Nate Ritz (guitar/vocals, Zach Thal (guitar), Jason Kuehnle (keys). Colin Gasman (bass/saxophone), Dan Watts (drums/vocals, and Harry Scarrott (percussion).

Members of Sunny Daze & the Weathermen also belong to other Pittsburgh-based acts such as The Maplewaves (Nate & Harry), Clay Coast (Jason), and Carini, formerly Panic Reserve (Colin).

The Vics:

Dancing on the line of the old and the new, with originality in hand, lies Pittsburgh-based quartet: The Vics. The Vics is a contagiously energetic avenue of nouveau indie rock with classic blues overtones. The group met in late 2015 attending California University of Pennsylvania. They later merged into the Pittsburgh music scene through their self-released EP “Sparrow” in 2016. One year following, The Vics released their self-titled LP and have been permeating the Pittsburgh airways since.

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