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Joyer formed in New Jersey in 2017, and after releasing two self-recorded demo collections, they released their first studio album, Sun Into Flies, in 2020, followed by Perfect Gray in 2021. Their new album, Night Songs, marks a departure from their hushed slowcore beginnings and displays a more expansive sound—from blowtorched guitars and overtly hooky vocal cadences, to melancholy synths and pastoral lap steel. Their foray into twistier, heavier sonics coincides with the darker nature of nighttime activities, while the more hi-fi, pop-forward vocal direction makes for a fitting contrast, just like the stark clarity that pitch-black skies provide.


As villagerrr, Mark Allen Scott’s patient songs are mesmerizing and unmistakably Midwestern. The prolific Ohio artist thrives on pinpointing quiet, mundane moments and imbuing them with disarming emotional clarity. His latest LP 'Tear Your Heart Out', his fourth album, is for long drives where the light shines through the sunroof, small-town get-togethers, and the times when you realize more about yourself and who you want in your life.

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