Nows (Atlanta)/ Pony Moon {Baltimore]/ Rudy Kurniawan

The Government Center


A little romper sending Nows and Pony Moon off to VOV!!
With Local Support from Rudy Kurniawan
Musics 8-930

NOWS is Robby Kee from Atlanta GA, where he works as an artist,
curator and programmer.
His music incorporates electronics, field recordings, computer processing and occasional instrumentation into structured and improvised pieces, utilizing the functions and limitations of devices like home stereo equipment, oscillators, and tape. Pieces often deal with sound as physical matter, daily life as a structuring device, and the relationship between repetition and randomness.

Pony Moon- swimming through the slime of broken down holodeck fluid wearing rainbow colored sunglasses, and power-walking over the crushed skeletons of trauma while playing double dutch jump rope with ghosts and spirits freaky and sweethearts alike. This Pony Moon includes Ben Star-Key, Eric Franklin, and Chab Selma. New Tape out on Cor Ardens

Rudy Kurniawan- cut up harsh noise Pittsburgh!

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