Sherry CD-ROM / Glo-Tree / Fig / Swampwalk

The Government Centetr


This is the release party for Sherry CD-ROM's album, "Demo Disc." This debut album is Season 1 in the Sherry CD-ROM mythos, featuring tracks from two other artists in the lineup, Fig and Heather Harper. Their release will be available in two physical forms, cassette and Gameboy Advance cartridge.

Sherry CD-ROM is an interactive multimedia art project featuring two humans and one artificial lifeform. Together, we tug at the frayed strings at the ends of our reality and also write pop music.

Swampwalk is a neurodivergent musician/warrior who uses their voice, hands, mind, and notoriously: a gameboy to seek peace and healing for themselves, the people around them, and the city they call their love and home, Pittsburgh, PA.

fig is an experimental art pop singer-songwriter who creates soft songs with loud feelings.

+ Glo-Tree - Instagram - @glo.tree

8pm $10

All Ages

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