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Spleen Clean 2021

Update from yr pals at The Government Center

If yr reading this congrats on making it through the dark ages and into the bright, freezing light that is 2021. We appreciate all the support we received in 2020 & even more greatly appreciate everyone masking up and doing their part to help slow this shit down to a crawl. We sanitize, mask up and are still offering curbside pickup-so don't hesitate to ask for however you are comfortable shopping! 

Every day we get shipments of new records in and we make sure to stoke our used section on the reg. We are also still buying collections! So please get in touch. We are also psyched to order records in that didn't see in the shop, so make sure to ask if there's something burning a hole in yr ear or wallet.

We have some big news planned for later in the year, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get in on the ground floor.

Jah bless - Ejk


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