The Continuum Band / Jeff Taylor / Spices Peculiar

The Government Center


The Continuum Band:

The Continuum Band is a new venture in sound led by local drummer and composer, Steve Ippolito. The group embarks on a captivating journey through the realm of improvisational directions in music. With extraordinary talent, unbounded creativity, and fearless musical exploration, this ensemble weaves together a tapestry of sound that defies conventions and transports listeners to uncharted sonic dimensions.

At the core of the band's artistic philosophy is the belief in the power of spontaneity and the magic that arises from the interplay of individual musicians. Every performance is a unique and thrilling experience as the band members surrender themselves to the moment, embracing the unknown and allowing the music to take shape organically. The group blends elements of jazz, avant-garde, electronic, and world music into an enchanting amalgamation that knows no boundaries.

The band's music invites listeners to embark on a transcendent journey, where time and space dissolve, and the boundaries between genres blur. It is a musical voyage that challenges the mind, stirs the soul, and leaves an indelible impression on all who dare to enter this sonic universe.

The Continuum Band is made up of Pittsburgh artists Josh Wullf (guitar), Denzel Chismar-Oliver (bass), Michael Bernabe (keys), Adam Bleil (Electronic Valve Instrument aka EVI), and Steve Ippolito (drums)


IG @steve_ippolito @denzelezned @mjbkeys @adambleil @wulffjoshua

Jeff Taylor:

JEFF TAYLOR released his debut LP ‘A Deeper Kind’ in Spring 2022. The album features drummer Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, St. Vincent) and bassist Jesske Hume (Conor Oberst, Margaret Glaspy), and was produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Waxahatchee).

2014’s ‘Organelle’ EP marked Taylor’s first solo release and was produced by Thomas Bartlett (St. Vincent, Rufus Wainwright).

In 2018, Taylor co-fronted distinguished composer Marike van Dijk‘s The Stereography Project, touring the United States and Europe and featuring van Dijk’s arrangements of Taylor’s songs for a 12-piece wind-and-string ensemble.

From 2017-2019, Jeff wrote and recorded with the Donny McCaslin Group (David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ band), co-fronting the band with the Grammy nominated bandleader and embarking on an extensive world tour.

IG/FB/X: @jefftayloralive

Spices Peculiar:

Originating from Pittsburgh, PA and now based in Colorado, Spices Peculiar is the brainchild of avant-garde musician Dante Villagomez, whose passion for exploring the power of sound has led him to create a truly unique musical experience. At the heart of Dante's sound is his mastery of percussion instruments, synths, and looping techniques, which he uses to create hypnotic and immersive soundscapes. Drawing on influences from a wide range of musical styles, Dante's music defies categorization, combining elements of electronic, jazz, and world music into a truly organic sound. His compositions are designed to take listeners on a journey of introspection and self-discovery, using the power of sound to create a meditative and transformative experience.

Dante Villagomez has been producing independently produced albums since 2015, focusing on creating immersive soundscapes that take listeners on a transformative meditation journey. Drawing on his travels and personal experiences, Dante's albums feature a blend of his unique looping electronica improv, world percussion instruments, and his homegrown production style. With a focus on thematic albums, Dante's music is an invitation to explore the depths of the mind and embark on a sonic voyage of self-discovery.

IG @spicespeculiar

8pm $15

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